The IAPA Association is run by an Executive Board elected by members.
Members of the IAPA Executive Board bring wisdom, passion, and guidance to the Association, and represent the global geographic diversification of IAPA members.

Meet the Current IAPA Executive Board:

PB picChair 2013-2016

Ms Patricia Brunner

Treasurer 2012–2015

Mr Goran Rannefors
Cultural Care Au Pair (EF Education)
United States

Member 2012-2015
Mr Michael McHugh
United States

photo - CopyMember 2013-2016
Ms Delphine Vaills
Europair Services

Elections for the Executive Board take place during the IAPA Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The association manager, Linda Bosschers, executes the day-to-day management of the affairs of the Association and implements the decisions of the Executive Board and the General Assembly.


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