Every March, the Work Experience Travel Market and IAPA Annual Conference (WETM-IAC) provide a unique cost effective business-to-business opportunity for senders and receivers serving all aspects of cultural exchange, au pairing, volunteering, internship and work experience. WETM-IAC delivers an exceptionally targeted forum for organisation to establish and strengthen sector-focused partnerships, gain industry intelligence and tap into emerging global markets.

2014 London, United Kingdom


March 2014
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2013 Rome, Italy

2012 Budapest, Hungary

2011 Brussels, Belgium

2010 Miami, United States

2009 Vienna, Austria

2008 The Hague, The Netherlands

2007 Riga, Latvia

2006 Barcelona, Spain

2005 Prague, Czech Republic

2004 Cannes, France

2003 Dublin, Ireland

2002 Warsaw, Poland

2001 Rome, Italy

2000 Nice, France

1999 Madrid, Spain

1998 Amsterdam, Netherlands

1997 Paris, France

1996 Gold Coast, Australia (2nd AGM at WYSTC)

1995 Barcelona, Spain (1st AGM at WYSTC)

1994 Vancouver, Canada (Inaugural meeting at WYSTC)


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