WYSTC provides a singular opportunity for attendees to pursue innovative partnerships, develop creative marketing and distribution channels and access new markets. If your organisation offers products or services to teenagers or travellers in their teens, 20s and early 30s – or if you want to tap into this lucrative market worth US$183 billion per year – then WYSTC is the one event that you can’t afford to miss.
WYSTC is unique in that it furnishes you with the connections and the knowledge to help shape the future of your business. It is the only event of its kind that brings together people who are passionate about creating better opportunities for the young travellers of today and tomorrow. Now in its 22nd year, WYSTC is the annual event of WYSE Travel Confederation, which is endorsed by the UNWTO and UNESCO.


23-26 September 2014 – Dublin

2013 – Sydney

2012 – San Diego

2011 – Barcelona

2010 – Beijing

2009 – Manchester

2008 – Brooklyn

2007 – Istanbul

2006 – Melbourne

2005 – Toronto

2004 – Madrid

2003 – Pattaya

2002 – Rhodes

2001 – Cancun

2000 – Dusseldorf

1999 – Bangkok

1998 – Miami

1997 – Paris

1996 – Gold Coast


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