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Au Pair

1. Why do I have to apply through an agency in my own country to become an au pair?

Every country has specific visa requirements which are constantly changing. An au pair agency in your own country can provide you with current visa regulations and inform you which countries they send au pairs to or receive au pairs from.

2. Can IAPA help me get a visa?

No. Visas are issued by the relevant governmental department in your country of residency.

3. How much pocket money will I receive as an au pair?

The amount of pocket money varies depending on the country in which you are placed, and the host family. The agency that placed you will be able to provide you with guidelines regarding pocket money, activities and duties.

4. I am not happy with my host family, what should I do?

If you cannot solve the issue directly with your host family, contact the agency that placed you to assist.

5. How many hours a week do I have to work if I become an au pair?

Your schedule needs to be discussed with your host family and this varies form country to country.

6. What can IAPA do for me as an au pair?

IAPA can only provide you advice, since we are a business to business organisation. If you have any questions regarding issues like visa, host family, working hours, we would suggest you to consult your agency directly.

Host Families

1. There are no IAPA members in the country where I live. What should I do?

Contact the relevant governmental department in your country of residency and ask them to provide you with a list of reputable au pair agencies. Note: It is important to check the reliability of any non-IAPA member agency.

2. Why do I have to apply through an agency in my own country to become a host family?

Finding the perfect match between host family and au pair is a very difficult task. The agency will assist you and support in your choice in order to accommodate your request.

3. How do I know how much pocket money do I have to give the au pair?

The amount of the pocket money should be agreed in advance and should be paid during the agreed period of holidays or sickness time. As a hosting family you should also ask to your agency if there are any governmental regulations regarding pocket money in your country and if so which ones need to be followed.

6. We are not happy with our au pair, what should we do?

If you cannot resolve problems directly with your au pair, contact the agency that placed the au pair.


1. Why should my organisation become an IAPA member?

Membership will expose your organisation to new networking opportunities, will keep you updated on trends and developments in the industry and allow your organisation to play a key role in shaping the standards of au pair industry. This is also another channel for you to receive more au pair / host families application. There are also many other reasons to become an IAPA member, click HERE to read about the benefits of membership.

2. Who can join IAPA?

IAPA Membership is open to agencies, associations and authorities actively engaged in the au pair and cultural exchange industry. For more information, click here.

3. How does my organisation become a member of IAPA?

You can read the requirements on the page ‘BECOME A MEMBER’, or contact us for more information.

4. How long will it take for my organisation’s application to be processed?

Membership applications can take up to 2 months to process. The reason for this is that all member applicants are screened to ensure that only reputable, financially sound companies are admitted as members.

5. What happens to my application after I send it to IAPA board?

1. Within two weeks of approval by the IAPA Executive Board, each applicant is notified whether they have been accepted as Provisional Members. Provisional Members enjoy all the rights and benefits of regular members, except the right to vote or stand for election.

2. Once the status as a provisional member has been confirmed, the invoice for the annual membership fee will be sent out. Upon receipt of full payment, the official membership certificate and logo are sent.

3. Once a year all Full Voting Members of IAPA are asked to confirm all provisional members as regular members. After the votes are tallied, the member applicants are notified of the results.

6. How often do I have to pay membership fees to the Association?

Members are required to pay an annual membership fee. Invoices are issued in early January for the period January 1 – December 31. New members will receive an invoice no later than 3 months after being awarded provisional members status.

7. If I join the membership in June, how much do I need to pay for the membership?

In this case, the membership fee would be prorated until December 31st.

8. I am an existing member of IAPA and my organisation has just moved and changed its contact information. Who should I inform?

If your organisation’s contact details change, you must notify us immediately. As a member of IAPA, your company information is displayed online, it is therefore very important that we have your correct details at all times.

If your company name or website changes while you are a member or a member applicant, we must also be informed immediately.

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